Dream Price or Fair Price ?

Our Price –


Any Cleaning company charging less than £10 per hour is doing it wrong. With the current living wage set at £7.20 if you get any quote that is ridiculously low then be aware. Our pricing structure works as follows (then I’ll tell you how they do it) :

  • £7.20 per hour Living Wage – we pay the living wage for most of our staff and currently that means they’ve just had a significant pay rise, we’d like to pay more but would you be willing to ?
  • £0.84 per hour holiday pay – whilst this is the law we like to make sure our cleaners are happy, rested cleaners are happy cleaners and they are so much more effective.
  • £0.07 per hour pension – also the law no one can rely on the government these days so whilst this is optional we like to encourage the uptake.
  • £0.99 per hour National Insurance – effectively taxes to pay the pensions… see above.
  • £0.72 per hour consumables – the industry standard suggests 10% not one to buck the trend we just roll with it.

If you’ve done your maths then we just reached £9.82 per hour, we then have overheads, you’ll all insist on us having Public Liability Insurance, we have to run a Van to get the stock to you, we have a Supervisor, Manager/Payroll/HR person to make sure the jobs are done and people are in the right place and we have a small Unit to store the stock, (it won’t fit in my garage, don’t judge me until you’ve looked in yours ….. 3 kids bikes… several rolls of hose…piles of empty boxes I’m sure will come in handy one day…tools I just like the feel of but are of no use as I have no DIY skills whatsoever etc etc). Then we’re told we’re supposed to make a Profit (so we can pay tax to pay the pensions…see above) .

How do they do it ? –

( Charge less than £10 per hour… just incase you forgot where we are going with this)

They cheat…….. I know there’ll be a more literary word if I search a thesaurus but the basics come down to :

  • Assessing your requirement
  • Giving you a very good looking quote
  • Taking over the TUPE and starting the cleaning
  • Gradually reducing the hours your cleaners are on site
  • Adding things to your invoice you thought were included (cleaning both toilets not just the one on the left which everyone knows gets used the most)
  • Consumables, as they aren’t just going to use water afterall
  • Dropping the general standards because actually the hours they quoted were a fair assessment

Where does that leave us ? –

It means we can’t compete on price, we have always known this and stopped trying a long time ago. However it does mean that the work we quote for is the work you’ll get. We don’t often get it wrong, in fact we’ve not got it wrong yet, we’re very good at guesstimating your requirements but feel free to let us know if your toilets are too clean and we will reassess once we’ve settled into the job. In short this means you’ll get a fair price not a dream price, it also means you’ll get what you pay for.

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